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How to Stop a Leak Until the Plumber Arrives

A leak in the plumbing is a common home problem. Leaks can be the result of a burst pipe, cracked pipe, leaking faucet or shower head, and more. When you have a leak that requires the services of a plumber, it is essential that you stop it right away before the water causes damage to the home or causes a drastic increase to your click site water bill. The following is a guide on stopping a leak until the plumber arrives to fix it:

Once you detect a water leak, the first thing you should do is turn off the main water valve. This will stop the water from continuing to leak and causing more of a mess. The main water valve is located near the water meter. Once you have turned off the main water valve, open the faucet to allow the pressure to decrease. The remaining water in the pipes will flow through and once there is no more water pressure, there will be no pressure to push any remaining water through the damaged pipe or damaged plumbing fixture.

Once you have successfully stopped the water leak, contact the plumber. If the pipe leak is small enough, there are measures you can take to temporary stop the leak until the plumber arrives to fix it. The following is a guide on temporary fixing leaky pipes:

Epoxy: You can use epoxy to stop a leaky pipe. It is effective for sealing leaks at pipe fittings and joint fittings. Make sure the water has drained and the area is dry before sealing the leak. Also, you should clean it with steel wool. Use plenty of epoxy and then wait for it to cure.

Duct Tape or Electrical Tape: You can temporarily stop a pipe leak by wrapping electrical tape and duct tape around the crack in the pipe. Make sure the pipe is drained and dry and then wrap it tight around the pipe until the leak is completely covered. Make sure that you start wrapping a few inches away from the leak and then continue down the pipe until you are 2 inches past the leak to ensure you have adequately covered the leak. It should be wrapped a few times and make sure that each wrap is completely tight.

Pipe Clamp: To fix a big crack, get a pipe clamp and a piece of bicycle tire tubing. First, cut the tube so that it is big enough to fit around the crack causing the leak. Take a pipe clamp and secure the tube around the leak. The tube will contain the leak until the plumber arrives.

C-Clamp and Blocks: First, place a navigate to this site rubber pad over the leak area. Then, place a small wooden strip on top of it. Use the c-clamp to hold it all in place. The wooden strip will protect the pipe from the pressure of the c-clamp.

These repairs might stop a leak for a few days, but it is essential that you contact a professional plumber who will be able to permanently fix the leak.


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How To Hire Plumbers - Which?

Find reputable plumbers

Local plumbers that come highly recommended by friends, family, neighbours and online reviewers are your first port of call. Use Which? Trusted Traders to find plumbing companies in your area or to see if those already plumber bathroom fittings recommended to you have been endorsed and reviewed.

City & Guilds or NVQ qualifications might strengthen the case for hiring one plumber over another, but apprenticeships and decades of experience shouldn't be overlooked either.

If your plumbing work involves gas, you must use a plumber that is Gas Safe-registered. The

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Wedding Planning: Be Prepared

Certain decisions belong to the bride: the color scheme of the wedding, the cut of the bridesmaid's dresses, the main wedding plan sample course of the meal. Some decisions, however, are not as easy, and tips from experienced wedding planners can only help.

Wedding Planning Strategy

1. Take It Easy

The first step in planning a wedding is to take it one step at a time. Brides should sit down and make a schedule of everything that needs to be done to prepare for the wedding. The schedule should go in a logical order; the date comes before the vendors, the flowers come before the cake, and the place comes before the band. This schedule may have some adjustments along the way, but having a starting schedule can make all the difference when it comes to stress levels.

2. Think About Guests

Right after the schedule is written out, brides need to decide on the number of guests to invite to the wedding. The number of people invited should include any vendors that will be staying on the grounds, such as servers and the disk jockey. And remember, the guests are the most expensive part of the wedding. If a meal is $50 a person, a table of ten seats $500 worth of guests. When expenses are a problem, the guest list may need to be cut.

3. The Wedding Date

The date is the most important part of wedding planning, of course. It's the day when everything comes together and the bride and groom have their moment. The day needs to be picked right off, and when choosing a day, brides need to look to the weather. A wedding in the heat of July with ten million mosquitoes around does not make for the perfect day. Knowing the weather and conditions beforehand can make all the difference.

4. A Strong Budget

Weddings can become very costly very fast, and without a solid budget, brides can get a wedding ideas for reception little carried away. Brides may also want to use a credit card with a good rewards program behind it for big purchases. The reward points can build up and be used for flight miles or shopping sprees on the honeymoon.

5. Vendor Hop

When looking for photographers, florists, bands, and caterers, people in the business know other people in the business. A photographer may now a great catering business with good deals, and the receptionist may know a good band for weddings. Letting one vendor lead you to another can end up in a well put together entourage.

6. Be Organized

Brides can grab a binder and pen and keep up with vendors, notes, and photos without any hassle. Having everything all in one place makes magazine pictures for the florist and that other photographer's number equally easy to find.

7. Budget Check

After talking to vendors and looking at ceremony locations, brides should recheck the budget to make sure it's working. Half of the budget should go straight to the reception, and the remaining money should be split between flowers, attire, entertainment, and photos with a little left over for the random expenses that come up.


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Giving Back During the Holidays – Californians Increase Donations to Charity by 53% During Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Causes.com, the largest online platform for social activism, today released results from a December 2010 online survey conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive regarding Californians habits for donating money to charity. The survey found that 83 percent of Californians have donated to a charitable organization and that among them, 33 percent are more likely to make contributions during the holiday season. Additionally, Causes has also released data regarding Californians habits for increasing charitable donations during the months of November and December.

The Holiday season is definitely the time

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Doing small acts of kindness may lower your stress

Those "Practice random acts of kindness" bumper stickers may be preaching more wisdom than we realized.

While performing small, kind gestures every day helps others, a new study by Yale and UCLA researchers suggests it may also diffuse our own stress, improving our mental health.

"The take-home message is that when we are stressed and we help others, we can also end up helping ourselves," study author Emily Ansell, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, told CBS News.

Lab-based studies have shown that giving to others can help people cope with stress and boost their positive emotions, said Ansell, but she and colleagues wanted to investigate whether the same holds true in the real world. They asked 77 adults, ranging in age from 18 to 44, to use a study-provided smartphone to report their daily feelings and experiences over a two-week period.

Every night, the participants received an automated phone reminder that prompted them to complete a daily assessment: to report any stressful life events they experienced that day at work or school or in their personal lives at home, including any financial problems or health issues. The total number of events was the measure of their daily stress level, said Ansell.

They were also asked to report whether they had engaged in various helpful behaviors, simple acts such as opening a door for someone else, helping a child with schoolwork, loaning money or an item of value to someone else (clothes, a car, or a tool, for example), or asking another person if they needed help that day.

The participants also completed a daily survey that measured their emotion, and they were asked to rate their mental health each day, rating it from 0 for poor to 100 for excellent.

Helping behaviors seemed to buffer the negative effects of stress on a person's well-being, the authors found. Those who reported performing more acts of kindness showed no dips in positive emotion or mental health. And they had lower increases in negative emotion in response to high daily stress.

"People overall did one or two acts of kindness per day, but what was most important was when they did more than one or two per day, we saw a benefit to their well-being," Ansell said.

People who reported lower-than-usual helping behaviors also reported lower positive emotion and higher negative emotion in response to high daily stress.

It was surprising how strong and uniform the effects were across daily experiences, said Ansell, whose research is published in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Ansell plans additional research involving more ethnically and culturally diverse populations.

Another avenue for future study, she said, is to determine whether actively encouraging people to engage in more acts of kindness and helpfulness can improve mood and mental health.

"It may be particularly relevant for people dealing with a lot of stress who are at risk for depression relapse," she said.

Ansell said the findings are especially appropriate for this time of year, the season of giving.

"A lot of the time, we find that our daily stress goes up over the holiday season. We have a lot going on. There can be a lot of different social gatherings and things like that. So when you're out and about having a stressful day, think about doing one of these helpful things: help someone out at the store, hold a door or elevator," said Ansell. "It might help you feel a little better in terms of your own mood or stress this holiday season."

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America’s Best Charities with Low Admin Costs

They vary from local grass-roots efforts to large international help companies. The company provides community leaders with training to encourage neighborhoods as well as colleges to spearhead their very own initiatives. Aid the Children ventures to give the younger generation the tools to succeed.Administrative costs

Administrative expenses: 0.1%

: 0.1 % Based in Virginia, Operational True blessing International Relief and also Development Firm(OBI)seeks to offer cravings alleviation, medical aid, and also neighborhood development. It leads the means as one of the most budget-friendly supplier of food.Administrative expenses: 0.1 % The International Childrens Fund is now pursuing a campaign for contributors to fill up a shoebox with gifts.Administrative expenditures: 0.2 % Aid the Children seeks to minimize the suffering of children and their homeowners in the United States Three years ago, it chose Procedure Blessing President Costs Horan for title Power & Influence Top 50. Administrative costs: 0.2 % MAP International or Medical Help Programs with over 55 years of procedure has actually confirmed to be an efficient charity for

Administrative expenses: 0.2%

management of its programs.Established in 1981, Facility

for Community Venture is locateded in Washington D.C. This regional team has received 2 successive four-star scores. They are arranged and also run for objectives which bring benefits to the public interest. and also abroad. Throughout Twenty Years of procedure, the charity has actually obtained praise for its efficient management of its yearly spending plan of about $80,000. Administrative expenditures: 0.1 % The Foodbank of Southern California efficiently combines performance of solution with an empathy for human caring. The recipients are given with the greatest criteria of clinical therapy thanks to a devoted group of registered nurses, medical professionals

, and also health care professionals.Administrative expenses: 0.1 % Matthew 25: Ministries assist the poorest of the bad in your area, regionally, across the country, as well as globally. There are several registered nonprofits in the USA. With 0.1 % of its complete functional expenditures on its alleviation initiatives, this not-for-profit Christian altruistic relief organization shows its effective management of its programs. Along with accomplish their objectives, the organizations effectively manage their budget with the most affordable admin costs.The objective of the OBJECTIVES Job is to sustain global health as well as community solutions. CharityNavigator awarded a four-star score to the team for its reliable administration.Administrative costs: 0.2 % Associated links: Largest Charities in America Charity for Children-let the innocent faces smile Charities as well as Their Fight For Survival. It has partnered with several exclusive organizations consisting of the Kansas City Royals

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Technology and Science News - ABC News

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